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We are happy to announce that Rammsteiner won the Anniversary Raffle drawing with number 277.


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HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY TO IKE'S ARMY!!!! On November 29, 2014, Ike's Army was founded and now on our anniversary it is time to celebrate! So, we are having some events. 


First, a RETRO night - Sunday, 11/9 7pm - We are going back to our very game, World of Tanks, to play drop-ins, tank olympics and team battles. Come join us for a night of fun!


Secondly, we are having a raffle for game gold, premium or what your game specialty. Every member of the clan gets one raffle number and additional ones for $1 per number can be purchased. Raffle will be run from numbers 1 - 500 and run through 12/6. Please pick your raffle number by replying below. You can purchase, your additional numbers using the donate button and puchasing with the raffle button. Pick your additional raffle numbers below after purchasing additional entries. Good luck to all!!! 


Have fun and game on! 




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Congrats to our newest promotions! 













Very happy to have you as members of the clan! 



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Attention New recuits!  


Promotions will be coming out on Friday. We apologize for the delay.The Board of Directors has now been sent the promotion list.  I have been busy with work and I was the cause of the delay. If you have any questions, please contact me or ask Jaud to have me come online to talk. 


I will talk with you soon! 





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Ike's Army would like to welcome the Armored Warfare community.

May you game be fun, your shots true to their mark, and your adversaries eager to die from your mighty guns.

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Happy Summer to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! 

I know we have been a little slow over the summer and if you have been on TeamSpeak you have seen this first hand! Never fear, we are not going anywhere. Hopefully you have been enojoying some outside activities while you can before Mother Nature turns cold. I'm sure as the school year starts back up soon, we will start seeing some of you more and more. Just like Motel 6, we'll leave the light on! 



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Cool We have a winner in our clan wide raffle! Congrats to EvaDarkened with lucky number 16!  We hope to be having another raffle in late August. Thanks to everyone who purchased raffle tickets. Laughing


Sorry for the delay everyone. I have been busy with work and school. 


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The Board of Directors have scheduled a clan wide meeting to we can hear directed from YOU! We want to hear what you like, what you don't like, what you think could make the clan better. 


Scheduled Meetings

Wednesday, June 10 @ 8 pm London Time


Wednesday, June 10 @ 8 pm Eastern Time


We have tried to schedule times so a majority can make it. If you can't and still have some ideas, please see Rosie or anyone with a a Gold Star in TeamSpeak and they will be happy to talk to you. See you then! 

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Would you like to win a Tank, Plex or equivalent for your game??


The Board of Directors has approved a raffle to help support the clan. Tickets will be $1.00 each. No maximum number of tickets can be purchased. A max of 100 tickets will be sold. Price will be drawn when all tickets are sold or 45 days from today. You can purchase your raffle tickets through the donate button on the left side of your screen. Respond to this post to pick your number. Rosie will match the number selection with your purchase. 

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