Friday, February 23, 2018

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-IKE- wants YOU!!!! 


-IKE- is looking for a few good gamers to help with not one, but TWO new programs in the clan! 


First, the Clan is looking to get a World of Tanks training program up and going. The program will be for both EU & NA. What does that do for you? For those that want to get better at Tanks, take a refresher course or learn a new type of tank, these classes will be for you! However, we cannot do this without Trainers!!! We are looking to get a training squad up and going. Please contact me on TS or private message me if you are interested in being a trainer. 


Secondly, we are forming an Awards & Medals committee. This will meet once a month for a couple of hours total. This committee will ensure that everyone gets in the recognition they deserve in the clan! Come on board and help recognize your fellow clan mates. See me in TS or private message me if you are interested in helping. 


Happy Gaming! 



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